This is a list of all customers in the game New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward.

Name Hobby Job Profile Style Favorite Brand
Abbie Nail art. Shop owner. Never does today what could be done tomorrow.
Ada Mountain climbing. Student. A mysterious girl. Feels truly at home in The Meadows.
Adelaide Counting money. CEO. Ricky's older sister. A powerful presence. Chic Arianna/ Enid Chien
Adrienne Visiting new places. Pop Star. Serious to a fault, except when singing Karaoke.
Aeisha Saving money. Baker. Dreams of opening her own bakery serving only macaroons.
Afia Sunday drives. Composer. Likes herbal teas. Drinks them with lots of sugar.
Afsana Chatting. Beach hut staff. Friends with Noor. Walks at least ten miles every day.
Aiko Five-a-side football. Game designer. Profile Good at sport, but troubled by an old back injury.
Airi Karaoke. CD shop owner. Likes to hum the opening themes from TV shows.
Aisling Eating desserts Brand sales rep (Chorale). Likes coffee, likes sweet things, hates sweet coffee. Feminine Chorale
Alan Making sweets. Waiter. A waiter who likes the sweeter things. Like cake.
Alba Watching wrestling. Tour guide. Falls in love gradually. Rarely gets colds.
Aleesha Jigsaw puzzles. Interpretive dancer Moody. Proud of her fashionable older sister.
Alex Bass Self-employed. Bass player in his band. The best at cooking.
Alexis Chess Lawyer Makes decisions too hastily. Often oversleeps.
Alisha Jogging. Cinema staff. Sleeps without a pillow. Has over 100 soft toys.
Alistair Visiting art galleries. Chef. Loves this city. Feels very at home here.
Aliyah Illustration Steward Does uncanny good impressions of people.
Alma Retro photography. Barista An aggressive center-forward on the football pitch.
Amaia Audio equipment. Audio engineer. Cares a lot about the quality of lighting in photos.
Amara Perusing shops. Programmer. Dreams of living in a coral palace under the sea.
Amber Singing. TV star. Yellow Styletto. Secretly wants to be a solo artist.
Ambra DIY Tour bus guide. Maintains that she has met the real Santa.
Ameena Tennis. Chef. Chews loudly. Has strong opinions about food.
Amelia Strolling. Musician. Talks to stray cats. A bit of an oddball.
Amelle Illustration Receptionist. Sensitive to hot and cold. A gifted horse rider.
Amira Golf Postwoman. Assertive. Strikes conversations with strangers.
Amita Mountain climbing. Brand sales rep (Retrobeat). Heads off on long holidays prepared for anything. Psychedelic Retrobeat
Anatasia Skiing. Dog trainer. Has a habit of jumping into things without looking.
Andrea Doing impressions. Announcer. Goes to the library to study, read, eat, think or relax.
Angelica Flower arranging. School teacher. Easygoing. Picks out all her own clothes.
Angie Reading. Cook. Gives everyone old film posters as birthday presents.
Anila Ice skating. Shop staff. Enters contests for the experience, not the prize.
Anjali Singing jazz. Student. Loves the hustle of big cities.
Anke Tennis. Nurse. Loves to shop. Always keen to try new things.
Ann Travel. Shop staff. Wants to travel the world. Fights with her boss a lot.
Anna Watching baseball. Illustrator. Hates peas. Loves getting her own back on people.
Annett Volleyball Phone operator. Puts crisps in her sandwiches. A born performer.
Annika Basketball. Animator. Falls asleep the moment her head hits the pillow.
April Raising goldfish. Chemist. Moved by the sight of sharks in an aquarium.
Arabella Yoga. Beautician. A wandering beautician. Strict with her twin. Bold AZ-USA
Archie Swimming. Musician. Keeps piranhas and separate tanks.
Arthur Reading. Mechanic. Takes things apart to see them work. Then they don't.
Ashley World food. Student. Imports all her stationary from a specialist abroad.
Astra Reading novels. Salesperson. Always picks the right queue. good at juggling.
Aurora Perusing shops Film director. So laid-back she's nearly horizontal. Tires quickly.
Ava Arcade games. Systems engineer. Loves to play video games. Has a good memory.
Aya Poetry. Student. Interested in history. Studies Ancient languages.
Ayala Gossiping. Golf caddy. Friends with Noor. Loves a good gossip.
Hobby Job Profile
Belinda Stretching. Nurse. Very confident. Can also stand on her head.
Bella Aromatherapy. Interpreter. Likes to be by herself. Goes for solitary walks.
Benedetta Window shopping. Model. Professional model. Fanatical about fruit.
Bethan Playing card games. Librarian. Seems reserved until you see her playing sports.
Bhavna UFO hunting. DJ Believes in aliens. Has a collection of blurry UFO photos.
Binita Going out to eat. Buyer. Can't get to sleep without her stuffed elephant, Stompy.
Blake Good manners. Valet. Butler at Peony Hall. Its residents rely on him.
Blanca Collecting soaps. Architect. A homeowner. Tells herself to keep smiling.
Bobbie Emoticons. Web designer. Sleeps with a hot water bottle if her cat isn't there.
Bonnie Scuba diving. Producer. Goes on yearly trips abroad with her whole family.
Bradley Piano. Firefighter. Musically talented. Belongs in an orchestra.
Brenda Making yoghurt. Would-be farmer. Likes a cool glass of milk and a nice, hot bath.
Briana Writing postcards. Builder. Once saw a UFO. Always beats her brother at games.
Briony Playing video games. Secretary. Plays video games all weekend and goes to bed early.
Bronwyn Collectiong trinkets. Student First crush was on a cartoon character. Worries a lot.
Bryony Camping. Clinic receptionist. Gets so exited on Fridays that she has to party.
Bunny Bargain hunting. Fruit shop owner. Loves comedians. Shows all her teeth when she laughs.
Bushra Going out to eat. Student. Pharmacy student. Enjoys a variety of chesses.
Hobby Job Profile Style Favorite Brand
Caitlin Digging for clams. Chef. Has an annual pass for the local aquarium.
Callie Style. Model. A local celebrity. The coolest of the cool! Bold AZ-USA
Callum Making good coffee. Barista. Younger than he looks. Popular with all the ladies.
Camille Watching comedy films. School teacher. Never worries about anything if she can help it.
Candace Mystery novels. School teacher. Her signature dish is beef stroganoff.
Carmel Growing herbs. Wedding planner. Plays both parts of a double act by herself. Bold AZ-USA
Carmen Eating noodles. Editor. Always opens the microwave before it beeps.
Caroline Art. Singer. Gets snappy when tired. Bad at small talk.
Carrie Yoga. Salesperson. Determined to be healthy. Training to run a marathon.
Cassidy Hula dancing. Web designer. Goes out every Friday, but keeps a strict budget.
Cathy Bargain hunting. Beauty school staff. Faster at typing on her phone than on a computer.
Cecilia Home electronics. Fashion designer. Prefers sewing by hand to using a machine.
Celia Reciting poetry. Student. Takes life at a slow pace. Has her head in the clouds.
Cerise Winning at chess. Restaurant owner. Her daily routine includes eating anchovies.
Chantelle Backgammon. Student. Well-liked by her classmates. Tends to be a busybody.
Charity Water sports. Bank clerk. Doesn't appear to sweat. Bad at skipping.
Chelsea Golf. Magazine editor. Feels like someone to rely on. Familiar with the shop.
Cherie Foreign films. Student. Listens to her elders.Blushes easily.
Chetna Board games. Student. Star pupil and head girl of her school.
Chien Yu Musicals. Violinist. Tone-deaf, but still plays the violin.
Chikako Fortune telling. Designer. Wants to live in an antique shop.
Chisato Visiting art galleries. Waitress. Drinks five cups of tea a day but never touches coffee.
Chloe Tidying. Florist. Always buys more comic books than she meant to.
Christina Reading classics. Librarian. Regularly visits the pond in the park to talk to the fish.
Cindy Tea Vegetable specialist. Can only do three press-ups at a time but that's OK.
Claudia Marathon runner. Barista. Likes learning about history. Tells long stories.
Cleo Driving. Dance teacher. Cares about her health. Definetly not a night owl.
Coletta Saving electricity. Designer. Currently obsessed with fruit
Colin Paddleball. Empolyee of Ricky. Respects his boss, Ricky. Likes Laurie.
Colleen Watching plays. Noodle bar owner. Sleeps nine hours a night but still naps after lunch.
Connie Taking photos. Brand sales rep (April Bonbon). Speaks loudly and carelessly. Often offends people. Lively April Bonbon
Cordelia Squash. Comedian. Grows her own cucumbers. Cares about nature.
Corinne Paper craft. Shop owner. Enjoys cold showers and hot baths.
Cornelia Treasure hunting. Tour guide. Likes to search through parks with a metal detector.
Courtney Climbing mountains. Police Officer. Loves saving her pennies for a rainy day.
Cyntia Triathlon. Vet. Loves doing the laundry. Heavy procrastinator.
Hobby Job Profile
Daisy Photography. Photography. Drinks soy milk daily. Frequently has epiphanies.
Dani Making Jewellery. Student. Often stays up late crafting. Hate mornings.
Darcie Napping. Bakery owner. Will fall asleep anywhere she can, even standing up.
Daria Singing. Student. Prefers trousers to skirts. Superb ironing technique.
Denise Herbal tea. Singer Hates cheesy chat-up lines. A real hard worker.
Diana Beach volleyball. Restaurant staff. Has to remind herself to stick to the basics.

Hobby Job Profile Style Favourite Brand
Eddie Illustration. Fashion designer. Good at baking. Always happy to spend money.
Eirin Growing vegetables. Student. Loves Sundays but never prepares for Monday.
Elysa Watching films. Illustrator. Only likes films if they're very old or very new.
Erika Making chesse. Brand Rep (Brooke Bridge). Likes Cooking. Has begun making her own cheese. Preppy Brooke Bridge
Evan Bathing. Singer. Also known as The Main Event! Cherishes his fans.
Evie Backpacking. Stylist. A jet-setting stylist. Turns up when you least expect it. Feminine Chorale
Name Hobby JobF Profile Style Favourite Brand
Fabienne Making Jam. Golfer. Worries about getting sunburn, even in winter.
Fariha Eating gourmet meals. Model. A strong believer in 'Early to bed, early to rise'.
Fern Piano. Nursery teacher. Good at picking up goldfish. A comeback queen.
Freddie Calligraphy. Brand sales rep (Kanokoi). Can sit perfectly still for hours. It's a real talent. Eastern Kanoki
Hobby Job Profile Style Favourite Brand
Gabi Ball sports Brand sales rep (Streetflow). Loves exercise, especially playing volleyball. Sporty Streetflow
Genevieve Bread making. Student. Surprisingly well-informed about yeast.
Geraint Sleeping. Researcher. Can sleep anywhere. Waking up is a little harder.
Gerty Roller coasters. Web designer. Her goal this year is the read a book through to the end.
Ginger Speed guitar. Brand sales rep (StageDive). Was invited to join a band, but she plays alone. Rock StageDive
Greg Stargazing. Dairy farmer. A romantic at heart. Recites poems to parties.
Gwen Playing card games. Heiress. Youngest in a long and distinguished family line. Eastern Kanoki
Hobby Job Profile Style Favourite Brand
Harue Palmistry. Voice actress. Looks sweet, but has a sharp tongue.
Hayley Yoga. Model. A beauty expert. Tends to eat less in the evening.
Heidi Snowboarding. Clothing shop staff. Has a naturally loud voice. Puts her health first.
Helen Reading about history. Promoter. Perfectionist. Can't play sport at all.
Henry Travel. Chemist. Wants to be a DJ. Calls himself 'Blendster H'.
Hikari Fencing. Nurse Has done fencing for ten years. Eats a lot.
Holly Gardening. Rose gardener. Gardening expert. Roses are her specialist subject. Girly Marzipan Sky
Hope Bicycles. Accountant. Plan her holidays around famous theme parks.
Hobby Job Profile
Ivy Hot yoga. Student. Misses her brother, who recently moved out.
Hobby Job Profile
Jade Swimming. Lifeguard. Doesn't like the sea. Has only ever swum in pools.
Jenna Planetarium trips. Clerk. Astronomy fanatic. Spends her nights stargazing.
Jeremy Watching sports. Dancer. Not great at sports. Particularly sports involving balls.
Jiamin Gymnastics. Dental assistant. Fitness enthusiast. Refuels with cheeseburgers.
Jocelyn Picking flowers. Socialite. A girl who loves to run free over the fields.
Joel Saving money. Zookeeper. Likes taking care of things. A huge fan of animals.
Juanita Gardening. Student. Runs her school's horticulture club. Wakes up early.
Judy Playing pool. Manicurist. A stunning sore loser, but always plays fair.
Juliana Singing in the bath. Dolphin trainer. Would gladly eat dessert instead of a main course.
Julie Fashion. Boutique employee. Gets distracted by flower petals and falling leaves.
June Figure skating. Producer. Spends all her days off holed up in her bedroom.
Hobby Job Profile Style Favourite Brand
Karly Embroidery. Brand sales rep (Marzipan Sky). Can fix anything with a needle and thread. Girly Marzipan Sky
Katrina Feng shui. Dancer. Bases her outfits on feng shui. Bruises easily.
Katya Gardening. Gadget shop staff. Enjoys leftovers more than the actual meal.
Kayleigh Mountain climbing. Illustrator. Likes to go up to high places and look down.
Keana People watching. Tour guide. Speaks three languages fluently. Afraid of nothing.
Keisha Repairing machines. Live house owner. A caring person. Manages the local rock club.
Kez High quality fashion. Brand sales rep (Enid Chen). Appreciates the beauty of luxurious design. Chic Enid Chien
Kiki Scuba diving. Flight attendant. Mixes pickle with jam and spreads it on her toast.
Kim Going to pop concerts. Waitress. Obsesses over pop stars. Makes her own face masks.
Kiran Actions. Shopkeeper. Stoic in real life but always cries at films.
Kirsty Making sweets. Miniature maker. Loves miniatures and all things cute.
Krisha Eating healthily. Student. Paces when she's thinking. Drinks a lot of squash.
Krissi Rhythm guitar. Ice cream seller Reads a lot, but only ever buys paperbacks.
Hobby Job Profile Style Favourite Brand
Laetitia Gardening. Nursery teacher. Broods like a romantic hero. Likes children.
Laurie  Staying Healthy. Receptionist (Exhibition Hall). Very polite. Walks extremely fast. Feminine Chorale
Lilia Baking cakes. Designer. Lives mainly on sweets. Won't touch spicy food.
Lisa Making doll houses. Brand sales rep (Marble Lilly). Spends her time off caring for all her flowers. Baby Doll Marble Lily
Liz Gardening. Romance novelist. Old-fashioned manners. A good neighbour.
Luana Nail art. Golfer. Frequently checks the stock in cake shops.
Lucy World travel. Sweet seller. An impulsive shopper. takes long baths.
Luisa Tropical Fish. Estate agent. Has a husky voice. Enjoys a latte in the mornings.
Hobby Job Profile
Malika Trains. Editor. Has a cat-like disposition. Sleeps curled into a ball.
Marina Snowboarding. Stable hand. Plays games on the train. Often misses her stop.
Martha Puddings. Farmhand. Choreographs dances to old-school hip hop.
Martin Mountain climbing. Student. If he sees a cliff, he wants to climb it. Will eat anything.
Mary Composing music. Programmer. Wants to become a great composer.
Maureen Sea fishing. Tour bus guide. Proud of her singing voice. Bilingual.
Meesh Ballet. Florist. A terrible gossip. No secret is safe withher.
Melanie Action films. Journalist. Loves a sale. Gets to the queues early.
Mica Gourmet meals. Student. Quick on her feet. A big eater.
Mickey Unknown. Unknown. Says he isn't Ricky. He definitely is, though...
Miki Online gaming. School teacher. Enjoys spicy food and terrible puns.
Mitchell Fishing. Locksmith. Once cooked and ate a fish he caught himself.
Monica Five-a-side football. Receptionist. Starts her day with newspaper comics.
Morganna Shopping. Student. Gets excited about the arts. Kind to children.
Mylene Listening to music. Pop star. Has always dreamt of having a white wedding.
Hobby Job Profile Style Favourite Brand
Naomi Music. Music shop owner. Loves a good nap. Plays lead guitar in a band.
Nikki Watching cartoons. Signing interpreter. Likes jobs where she can oversee all the details.
Noor Playing with dogs. Hair stylist A hairstyle wizard! Adores a dog called Gustav. Sporty Streetflow
Hobby Job Profile Style Favourite Brand
Padma Modern dance. Brand sales rep (AZ-USA). Usually quiet but chatty when at work. Bold AZ-USA
Patsy Reading Mysteries. Nurse. Keeps a daily blog. Likes to eat fish at weekends.
Peggy Bread making. Horticulturist. Always cheerful. Wants to live in the woods one day.
Penny Volunteering Brand sales rep (Basic U). Has a soothing voice. Great at sales pitches. Basic Basic U
Pepita Barbecues. Fashion designer. Prefers an active holiday. Likes to get loud.
Philippa Archery. Copywriter. Her standards are pretty high. Enthusiastic.
Phoebe Listening to music. Chemist. Admires elegance, but doesn't bother with it herself.
Pixie Winter sports. Carpenter. Eagerly reads her horoscope every morning.
Polly Playing piano. Budding pop star. Likes kittens. Reviews horror films for a website.
Preeti Going to cafes. Gardener. Gets impatient with slow walkers in front of her.
Preeya Going to concerts. Student. Combs used book shops for hidden gems.
Priscilla DIY. Driver. Bright and helpful, but always looks after number one.
Hobby Job Profile Style Favourite Brand
Rainbow Chasing rainbows. Chasing rainbows. Colourful in both style and personality. Lively April Bonbon
Rhianna Tea. Brand sales rep (Soy). Always has tea and cake on her days of. Boho- Chic Soy
Rhonda River fishing. Physiotherapist. Has a lot of guy friends. Likes fish more than meat.
Ricky Cooking pasta. CEO. Like a cool older brother to Sophie and Callie.
Ronald Table tennis. Delivery person. Deliveryman of the Moonsault Delivery Service.
Ruihang Watching films. Reporter. Not a morning person. Not very organised, either.
Hobby Job Profile Style Favorite Brand
Sabine Fancy dress. Skywriter. Glued to her phone. Texts back within seconds.
Safia Challenges. Pop star. Has money but doesn't flaunt it. Has lots of friends.
Sam Cooking fish dishes. Security guard. Has a black belt in karate. Enjoys folding laundry.
Samantha Football. Strawberry farmer. Has a big family. Enjoys period dramas.
Sanjay Violin. Curator. Can't remember anything unless it interests him.
Sasha Chess. Studio owner. Zoey's childhood friend. The businesslike one.
Sheena Skiing. Student. Strong-willed. Tries to keep small talk to a minimum.
Shelly Looking for starfish. Oceanographer. Dozes off in warm rooms. Has a phobia of needles.
Shilpa Gardening. Illustrator. Gets emotional when buds bloom into flowers.
Siobhan Partying. Chemist. Appears very serious, but is romantic at heart.
Sophie Strolling. Unemployed. Bright and curious. Loves her grandmother. Girly Marzipan Sky
Stevie DIY. Secretary. Gullible. Lives with her two cats.
Sue Reading magazines. Instructer. Has really soft skin. Can do the splits.
Susie Birdwatching. Jeweller. Can't start her morning without fruit and yoghurt.
Svetlana Go-karting. Student. Has a relaxed approach to school deadlines.
Hobby Job Profile
Tabitha Card games. Cook. Photographic memory. Makes a great curry.
Takako Going to cafes. Gadget shop staff. Cappuccino connoisseur. Likes cute clothes.
Tameka Dance. Clothing shop staff. Loves baby doll clothing. Crafts her own accessories.
Tammy House parties. Jewellery designer. Loves beautiful things. Passionate about skin care.