In all the Style Boutique games, the one playable character is a female avatar. At the start of the game, there is always an option to customise her appearance to the player's liking. This article focuses on the playable character in New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star.

Appearance options

  • Face shape (3 options)
  • Eye shape (20 options, +double eyelid)
  • Eye colour (5 options)
  • Eyebrow shape (18 options)
  • Mouth shape (13 options)
  • Mole placement (7 options)
  • Freckles (2 options)
  • Hairstyle (10 options)
  • Hair colour (5 options)
  • Skin tone (8 options)
  • Height (3 options)
  • Favourite clothes (4 options)


Relationships with other characters


Tim is the player's uncle and only named relative in the game.


Rosie looks up to the player and sees her as a sort of adviser, as she is the first person she meets upon moving to the city.