Style Boutique
"Help your clients find their style as you manage your own boutique to success!"
Developer syn Sophia

Nintendo SPD

Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo DS

Wii U (Virtual Console)

Release date(s) 23rd October 2008 (Japan)

23rd October 2009 (Europe)

2nd November 2009 (North America)

19th November 2009 (Australia)

5th May 2016 (Wii U, all regions except Europe)

23rd June 2016 (Wii U, Europe)

Style Boutique is the first game in the Style Boutique series. It is a fashion simulation game which primarily involves running your own boutique, shopping, and fashion contests. It first released in Japan, Europe, North America and Australia through 2008-2009. In 2016, it also released as a Virtual Console title on Wii U systems, the only Style Boutique game to do so.


The game starts with Grace phoning the Player, and telling her that Primavera is opening soon. Grace tells you to fill in your application form. Now you can insert your name and date of birth. After, in Primavera, you meet Renee, an employee who has been working there for a month. After serving some customers, Grace goes to Dominic's Mansion, where Dominic's butler, Godfrey is there. Godfrey asks for Grace to describe the Player to him. You must create your player now. After a day of work, the Player and Renee are in the park, and see Godfrey being chased by a chihuahua. You help him, and have a conversation, where Godfrey mentions Dominic. Renee confesses that Dominic sounds 'old and ugly' Soon after, Dominic and Godfrey visit Primavera. Renee appears romantically interested in him, claiming that they are soulmates, and saying "No way! He's hot and young and... And... I'm single!" After a short talk about needing another boutique in the city, everybody agrees that the owner should be the player. Later, in Dominic's Mansion, Dominic asks you a few questions about the boutique. You must describe your boutique. The boutique is now yours! Good luck and have fun!



  • Grace: The owner of Primavera. 
  • Renee: An employee in Primavera.
  • Godfrey: Dominic's butler.
  • Dominic: Grace's boss. He owns a mansion.
  • Player: The player. You!


Critical reception


  • Its North American release date would turn out to be exactly eight years prior to the Japanese release of New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star.
  • Style Boutique was released in Japan exactly one year before it released in Europe. This is the longest gap between any two regions' release dates of any game in the series.
  • It is the only game in the series to release on Nintendo DS systems, as well as being the only game to play vertically.
  • Style Boutique is playable on three different systems, unlike the other games which can only be played on a Nintendo 3DS.