Tim in the demo.
Gender Male
Taste in clothes Casual
Hairstyle Unknown
Hair colour Brown (exact shade unknown)

Highlights unknown

Warning: This page may contain spoilers pertaining to the upcoming game New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star.

Tim is a character in New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star.

In the demo

Tim is the first character the player meets upon moving to the game's city. He has inherited a boutique after his mother, the previous owner, passed away. However, he has a terrible fashion sense and so the boutique is unsuccessful, with only one loyal customer, his childhood friend Abigail. After seeing how talented his niece is in fashion, he reveals to her that he has always wanted to get into the music industry. As she seems to be a lot better at the job than he is, along with the fact that she has always loved fashion, it would be better for her to run the boutique. The player agrees and hires an assistant to work at the boutique with her. She also renames the shop, as a sign of its new management. Satisfied, Tim leaves the city to find his purpose in life.

In the game

Contact card

  • Job: Wanderer
  • Hobby: Karaoke

Your uncle! Loves music and travel more than his boutique.


Tim is friendly, and he is well-known around the city. He seems to be quite optimistic, and apparently, his catchphrase is "Here's to chasing our Timorrows!". However, he has an unusual and unfashionable sense of style, which is noticed by everyone who knows him. As he leaves the city early on in the demo, not much else is known about his personality.

Relationships with other characters


Abigail and Tim have been best friends since they were in primary school together. The fact that they have kept in touch for all these years, as well as how she is his only loyal customer, suggests that they have a very strong bond.


The player is Tim's niece. As he trusted her to run his boutique after seeing her fashion sense only once, this suggests he has a lot of faith in her abilites and talents.