To the Future is a song featured in New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star, sung in the Rock genre by the characters Rosie Mayfield (Keri Prather) in English and Sakurano, Yayoi (Hirokawa, Nanase) in Japanese.


Oh oooh! Oh oooh!

I sit inside of an empty room and I think to myself
My tender heart, it is breaking apart but I try to forgive

Even if I had forever I could never tell you
I shout and shout, with my voice wearing out
Cos I just wanna be heard

And the sky, and the sky, it was big and bright and blue
On the day, on the day, on the day that I met you
You told me, you told me, yeah you told me right there
That I will never be alone

Losing sight of all of my dreams
And everything is falling apart
But I'm still gonna find a way to get back up and keep on going

All the tears I cried yesterday will make me stronger for tomorrow
As long as you are by my side I'm not afraid
Gotta fly away to the future


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