Twinkle Fantasia is a song featured in New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star sung in the Lively genre by the character Alina or Alinatron (English: Koto, Japanese: Hiiragi, Yuka).

English Lyrics Translation

Tonight the fading light paints the sky gold...

Jump on! (Japon)

Oh, stray child, drawn by the paper-lamp moon
Join the stars in a twinkling waltz
That cup of bitter water, or this cup of sweet?
Gotta make your choice, and twinkle with joy

Go crazy in your tiny room
Worlds of fiction intertwine
Online all the time

All around the world, pon-poro-pon!
That's the sound of a cultural awakening
I'm I, me oh my, you, you are you
It's boring to be like someone else!

My way, my way, fly high away
That twinkling light still glows defiantly
Let's sparkle in the sky and light up the world


Girls Mode 4 スター☆スタイリスト-0

Girls Mode 4 スター☆スタイリスト-0